A Governance Management Information System



Automate your yearly compliance processes – define which users are required to make declarations and let the system collect them for you.  Review and approve DBS details and our dashboards to meet your audit requirements.

Document Library

Make your shared documents accessible to your boards by storing them in our secure cloud storage.  Associate documents with meetings (for review) or share them with related entities.

Governance Calendar

Our attendance system allows you to keep your Trust accountable. Attendees manage their own attendance/apologies and supporting documents, significantly improving communication, and reducing workload for the Clerk and Head Teacher.

Training Records

Manage your Training & Development programme. Collect training records and assess your progress against your Trust’s statutory and strategic goals.


Meeting Templates

Align your cross-Trust meeting using agenda templates. Trusts embed standard topics into the templates, which the Academies re-use (and customise), ensuring that the entire organisation is planning, and working, toward their common strategic goals.

Meeting Automation

Take your time back. Spend less time circulating papers, sending updates and Calling Notices because TrustGov does that for you.

“One of the easiest systems I’ve ever used”

Many of our users tell us that TrustGov is one of the easiest, most intuitive governance management information systems they’ve ever used.

The move to MAT/Academies has significantly changed the governance landscape.

Everyone in the Governance Chain is now responsible for the health of their schools, the education they deliver, and for ensuring they are compliant with DfE guidance.

TrustGov Management Information System, with its unique top-down management approach, is reshaping how MATs do governance – to improve the lives of the key governance players (CEOs, Heads, Chairs, Governors and Clerks) to help them deliver on their responsibilities through a powerful, easy to use governance platform.


Why TrustGov?

Trust-Wide Reporting

Say goodbye to searching through folders and sharepoints.

Create attendance, declarations of interest and terms of office reports at the click of a button with our Trust-wide reporting function.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it saves you time.

Built For Multi Academy Trusts


Real-time insights into your governance service through eyes-down reports.


Streamline your governance processes by automating many tedious tasks into efficient workflows.


Achieve consistent delivery of service through implementation of Trust-defined standards and best practices and adherence to DfE guidance.


Built For Service Providers


Shared Events/Calendar


Clients delegate only required permissions to Provider


Internally manage consultant(s) access to clients


Publish best practice/value-added content to clients

Easy Onboarding

The TrustGov team will aid you in a smooth onboarding process while you learn to use it.

If you feel unsure when using TrustGov, we’re only a call away.



Mobile Friendly


Access TrustGov on the go via mobile anytime, anywhere.


Receive meeting reminders and notifications to keep you on track of your obligations.


In a rush? Upload and access relevant documents from your phone prior to meetings.

Make It Yours

Define standard branding across all schools in the Trust or let each one shine with its school colours and logo.


TrustGov has helped our Academy Council become more time efficient. The reminder emails help us focus on what we need to do and when, so we are ready for upcoming meetings.” – Heather, Vice Chair in Durham

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